Международни проекти

Текущи проекти:

ASK 4 JOB - Adult Skills for Job Oriented Breakthrough

Assess Plus - Support skills audits in adult education through digital tools

Career Skills Project

CRITICAL - Active Learning for critical thinking and digital safety and inclusion

FUTURE Time Traveller  Transforming career guidance of Generation Z through a game-based virtual reality platform 

GENDER+ developing benchmarking and governance tools to support open and inclusive gender policies in VET

Global Local – promoting educational and labour mobility through an interactive career game-based tool

EMPOWER ME!  improving the academic performance of students with attention deficit through innovative training methods and tools

HECTOR – Industrial Heritage as Key Competencies for Tourist operators

ISSA  Internationalization for Social and Innovative Start Up's and Entrepreneurs

LEVEL UP  motivating young people to consider VET pathways by innovative game-based learning (GBL) platform

Mental Health+  Develop governance and benchmarking tools for VET organisations, so they can include and support students with mental health issues -

Transversal Model for Migrants (TMM) - Supporting VET professionals working with migrants through training methods enhancing transversal skills and career transition

WINGS  Internationalization serious Game for Start-ups and entrepreneur


Приключили проекти:

AdValue – Training and Validation of Adults' Transferable Skills

ASkills – Assessment of Social Skills for better possibilities for employment

BeGIN  Bulgarian-German Information Network for Labour Mobility and Social Security Rights

BE POSITIVE  A positive psychological approach to enhancing resilience and utilising strengths in European unemployed youth 

Capacity Building of Ecosystem Europe 

CAR-E  Developing vocational training in Career Education

COCADE – Developing Career counseling services in integrated spaces 

CULTOOL  Intercultural Competences for Personal and Professional Life

CULTOUR  overcoming the skills gap and fostering mobility in Tourism sector trough the recognition, validation and up-skilling of intercultural competences for tourism jobs

EMCOSU  Emerging Modes of Cooperation between Private Sector Organizations and Universities

EMEVOC  E-Manual for Educational and Vocational Counseling

Enjoy Language within Tourism

EVA Skills  Evaluating the soft skills of unemployed youth


GREEN EMPLOYABILITY  A synergic transfer of a VET training system for workplace basic skills with ecological sustainability awareness in three European countries

Green Entrepreneurship Europe (GEE)  Enhancing good practice in integrating sustainable development into business thinking

IF  Vocational Guidance for Immigrants' Improved Future

Info4Migrants  an innovative database, bringing together all the relevant information that migrants will need

Joy&Learn – Festivals and Calendar of Lifelong Learning in Bulgaria

LADIES FIRST – empowering teachers, trainers, career counselors and coaches to support women to gain the necessary stability in-between working and personal life

L3  Learning to learn network for low skilled senior workers

LET'S  Let seniors teach sense of initiative and entrepreneurship through innovative multimedia storytelling approaches

LINK  Career Services for Better Jobs

LINK-INC  Fostering equity and inclusion in Work-based Learning by equipping trainers and mentors with innovative approaches to address cultural and ethnic diversity in VET 

NELLII – Network for Effective Life-Long Initiatives and Information

NEW-CARE  Open educational resources for a new model of long-term care in residential centres based on the dignity and wellbeing of the elderly

OPEN MIND  Promoting social entrepreneurship to female learners and students from diverse (non-business) studies through an innovative gamified platform and open online course (MOOC)

PILGRIMAGE – From Knowledge Transfer to Autonomous Learning

PROMETHEUS  PROmoting Management and Entrepreneurial THinking among career counselors and guidance practitioners in the EU Societies 

TANDEM  How to establish intergenerational and intercultural communication

VELOCITY – Job interview scenarios in a virtual learning environment 

WBL-PRO – Qualification, Open Resources &Toolkit for the Work-Based Learning Professional

WBS  Web-Based Job-Search Support

YELL  Young Europeans Love Languages